Because we live on a planet that is covered 2/3 by (contaminated) water.

For providing clean and safe water Bluestrength and it's partners developed a range of products based on the newest membrane technology.

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Containerized (drinking) water solutions


Smart modular water purification

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We reduce the water footprint.

With the latest and smartest membrane technology, we create clean drinking water for our customers worldwide.

To create a world without contaminated water.


Clean drinking water

We have already purified 450 million liters of contaminated water, from nearly every source as ponds, rivers and lakes worldwide

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These football pitches turns rain into drinking water for school children

BlueStrength, named after the strength of water.

BlueStrength fosters a culture of partnerships in which all clients, products and science are represented in a cooperative creative environment. Leveraging the most emergent technologies BlueStrength envisions itself as more than just a seller of watertech products; it is a full-service company committed to informing and connecting global communities and contributing to the sustainable development goals because water is the single most important element in the world and a vital source of life. Less than 1 percent of the Earth’s fresh water supply is fit for human consumption, and much of that is being compromised by over utilization, contamination and climatic influences. At BlueStrength, everything we do reflects our sense of responsibility to the industries, communities and people we serve in order to reduce world’s waterfootprint.

Our product is clean water.
Our business is to create solutions.